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frames, features & focal points, figures & silhouettes. Framed fantasies, fleetingly photographed. Here & there.


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Twenty-five. The number hits you. Subtly. You don’t realize it until you eventually look down and see the bruise on your body. A mark built from the last 25 years of living; an amalgamation of moments and memories, whether magical or miserable. But no matter how magical or miserable they were, the bruise is unique and belongs to you. Your past makes you…

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[PDF version of poem available for download at bottom]. All images and artwork property of Aleksandr Beaudoin. Taken around Lake Como, Italy. I always knew I loved to travel, but


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[PDF version of article available for download at bottom]. All images property of Aleksandr Beaudoin and taken at Columbia University‘s Morningside Heights campus in New York City. At first glance,


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[PDF file of poem available for download at bottom]. BLANK BLANK “Isola Luce del Mare” by Michele Nobler, Licensed by Storyblocks BLANK These thoughts of mine. Would they make you