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MILES: A short story by Aleksandr Beaudoin

SYNOPSIS: Terry spends her days herding kids to school as the local town bus driver. Terry knows the roads and the routine and the rascals aboard her vehicle. Terry lives in repetition in her regular town. Until one day, it becomes less than regular, and Terry is forced to question: is this a blessing or a curse?


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Terry was a bus driver in a small town. She never learned how to describe its location to outsiders, because she had never needed to. She had never been on the outside. Terry had never left, or at least never ventured far enough where others wouldn’t instantly recognize the town’s name. For Terry, her small country town didn’t exist in relation to anything else, only itself. It was the center of her microscopic universe. It was her entire universe.

THE OBSERVER: A short story by Aleksandr Beaudoin (releasing 2022)

SYNOPSIS: Just as the ocean absorbs the stories of those on its shores, so does Emmett, a young boy with a fascination for investigating the lives of those around him. But of all the beings he studies, one question remains dominant as countless scenes play before him: do these humans feel lucky to be alive? A question that floods his mind, staying with Emmett long after the water eventually subsides.


Emmett found pleasure in the natural elements of the beach, but mostly he enjoyed how its vastness proved to be the perfect engine for his anthropological investigations. It was a setting so immense that it drove an inexplicable desire to marvel at humankind. Emmett would sit and stare at the rows of people, the desaturated spine of an unfinished novella on a shelf among vibrant and full novels. Himself shoved in the middle and almost forgotten, until there came a day when he would finally be seen, expanded upon, and finished – bright binding and all. A day when he would claim his true place on the shelf of humanity, finally having a dense and significant story of his own.

As he eagerly awaited that day, Emmett would wonder about the stories others had flowing within them. Stories as broad and unpredictable as the ocean itself; stories he could learn from.




VOL: A dramatic novel and feature screenplay (in progress)

SYNOPSIS: Vol is the journey of a young American introvert whose casual voyage abroad evolves into an inconceivable and surreal trip. Accompanied by ominous yet perplexing beings along the way, Thomas encounters many darks sides to the City of Light, pushing him to the extreme of what he never thought possible and ultimately testing his own mortality.


She let the answer sit in the air like the smoke from her cigarette. It ran into my nose and normally I would detest the scent of it. But this time I didn’t mind. Instead, I imagined what she smelled like – her perfume, her hair, her body. That ominous woman with the tempting voice in that gritty Parisian bar. It begged you to get closer; want to know where she had been, the stories she’d lived through, seen. Beauty in her gesture and sense of being. What was behind her eyes and in her mind.

Being the naive student I was, I gave in and let my curiosity lead the way, guided by the mature woman in the black fur coat with sharp eyes. Just a whisper of her foreign tongue was enough to obliterate the years of walls I had built up for myself. A single word and she was able to break me. But for the first time, I wanted to be broken; if only to be rebuilt into the person I had always craved to be but was too ashamed to show. She was the key to my longly needed resurrection…




MUSIC IS: A musical novel and feature screenplay (in progress)

SYNOPSIS: Two young and aspiring DJ’s drive across America in the pursuit of achieving ultimate musical control. However, as their recognition grows and an arpeggio of unprecedented events leads to a distressing mystery, both partners are suddenly forced to question their understanding of the other and their career, and wonder, who’s point of view was actually conducting the soundtrack of their life all along?


I want to show you something,” the voice said.

Unsure of how to respond, Kathleen looked back at her now partially blocked view of LA and saw two planes taking off at the same time, parting ways in the end. Their flashing red lights beating, but in different directions. She was mesmerized by the site and felt like she was falling as slow piano chords echoed from the nearby house. She heard as the song came to a close and then looked at the window of the black vehicle blocking her path. The ghost of a song flew by her as the wind picked up and the final words of the last song that night were sung.

I get so wrapped up in a world where nothing’s as it seems

She took a deep breath, looked back at the hillside mansion, and whispered something into the air as faint streams of water ran down her cheek.

And real life is stranger than my dreams.

The outro ended and the notes ran wild through the Hills, escaping all confines to be had. The black wheels of the car rapidly spun in circles like a vinyl left to play on long after it was finished, long after its songs were heard, its choruses delivered, and its beats felt.