HUMID HEARTS: A short film written and directed by Aleksandr Beaudoin (in post-production, 2024)

LOGLINE: Within the span of perhaps the sweatiest summer day, a young man fresh to New York rapidly discovers what and whom the city has to offer.

Written & Directed by: Aleksandr Beaudoin; Acting: Juan Tesaire, Marcio Fein, Ryan Elle; AD: Johnny Gottsegen

IT FOLLOWS: A short film written and directed by Aleksandr Beaudoin & Gardner Gottsegen

LOGLINE: A humbled man lives a life of simplicity in the remote forests of Vermont, repetitively going about his daily chores and routine. The surrounding picturesque environment seems to provide a safe haven until a sudden eruption of anxiety forces him to truly interact with the earth and the past.

DP: Gardner Gottsegen, Co-Producers: Aleksandr Beaudoin & Gardner Gottsegen, Acting & Voiceover: Aleksandr Beaudoin, Music by: Elias Serpa, Editor: Aleksandr Beaudoin, Colorist: Joseph Beaudoin

SECONDS: A dramatic short film written and directed by Aleksandr Beaudoin

LOGLINE: A mysterious musical drama that follows a young, world-renowned pianist and a woman from Brooklyn seeking passion for the first time in her life. The relationship becomes a Tango for two, their motions and mindsets evolving to every beat along the way, until they eventually reach their end, all crafted to the tune of misconception.

DP: JP Pacca, Co-Producer: Marki Yaccino, Lead: Giorgia Valenti, Supporting: Juan Teisaire, Costume Designer: Mikaela Clark, Key Grip: Marcelo Conti, Choreographer: Giorgia Valenti, Casting Associate: Johnny Gottsegen, PA: Gardner Gottsegen, PA: Reide Irwin, Still Photographer: Madison Bishop, Editor: Aleksandr Beaudoin, Colorist: JP Pacca, ADR & Sound Mixing: JP Pacca, French Translator: Valentina Serta



T.H.E – The Human Experience: Raleigh Vintage T-Shirt Promo

Editorial shoot and print adverts created for the streetwear brand, T.H.E – The Human Experience. With inspiration drawn from 80s films (e.g. The Breakfast Club) and 80’s street style, all visuals pay tribute to Raleigh’s vintage vibes, but in the modern era.

Casting, Videography, Designs, Production, and Editing by Aleksandr Beaudoin