Leading persistent and diverse teams to create culturally relevant and impactful stories.

Combining foreign film principles with American ones, I fabricate visual worlds that explore humanity while being stimulating and new.



UNTITLED VERMONT SHORT: A short film written and directed by Aleksandr Beaudoin & Gardner Gottsegen

LOGLINE: A humbled man lives a life of simplicity in the remote forests of Vermont, repetitively going about his same daily chores and routine. The picturesque environment surrounding him seems to provide a safe haven until a sudden eruption of anxiety and fury forces him to interact with the earth, and a secret past, in a more brutal and disorienting format, revealing the true duality of the world.

*In post-production, Fall 2020


SECONDS: A dramatic short film written and directed by Aleksandr Beaudoin

LOGLINE: A romantic and mysterious tragedy that follows a young, world-renowned pianist and a woman from Queens seeking passion and involvement for the first time in her life. The relationship becomes a Tango for two, their motions and mindsets evolving to every single beat along the way until they eventually reach their end, all crafted to the tune of misconception.

*In final phases of post-production, Fall 2020


T.H.E – The Human Experience: Raleigh Vintage T-Shirt Video

Editorial shoot and print adverts created for a self-started streetwear brand, T.H.E – The Human Experience. With inspiration drawn from 80s films (i.e. The Breakfast Club) and 80’s street style, all visuals pay tribute to Raleigh’s vintage vibes, but in the modern era.

[ Casting, Videography, Designs, and Production by Aleksandr Beaudoin]
*Company operations currently on hold; in the process of rebranding