Posted by on September 16, 2021

[PDF version of poem available for download at bottom].
All images and artwork property of Aleksandr Beaudoin. Taken around Lake Como, Italy.

I always knew I loved to travel, but never as much as the last year and a half living under a global pandemic, forced to remain idle. As a way to help satisfy my craving, desire, need, until I personally feel safe to travel again, I did as I always do and turned to the arts and my overactive imagination. Enjoy this poem, a sort of letter if you will, and some of my favorite photographs of a time my breath was truly taken away. I look forward to such times again and to visit friends near and far.

With your scents, foreign;

shapes, newfound;

tones, unfamiliar;

tongue, seductive and strange;

with your presence, uncharted, mysterious;

you breed beyond longing – addiction,

arresting virgin eyes with your secrets.

A puzzle for the heart.


And though you remain indefinable,

infinitely evolving in taste and territory,

love and language,

your fluidity enamors;

from the Grande to the Darling;

as you forever shall be valued.

My darling, divine.

My world, sublime.